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Service and Jobs Transformation Leadership Programme

Service Experience should be the heart of every business.


Future Thinking is an essential skill today for every business leaders.

Enterprises strategy to building a future ready workforce

Service and Jobs Transformation Leadership Programme
Service and Jobs Transformation Leadership Programme

This is the only funded design thinking transformation programme in Singapore.

Take flight onto a two-month capability-building program tailored for leaders in the lifestyle trade. Enrol in this program and craft your transformational strategy under the guidance of our team of expert resources.

A Business Transformation Programme for Leaders
Tap on internal capabilities

Transformation design does not solely rely on the adoption of novel technologies. Instead, it focuses on businesses' ability to recognise fresh opportunities for utilisation and collaboration - resulting in the development of innovative products, processes, and enhanced job performance.

Customer Centric to Problem Solving

Transformative processes also allow your business to be more responsive to customer and internal feedback. Without flexible business processes, customer feedback is often filed away.

Gain Marketshare & Remain Competitive

The more your business strategy encourages cross-functional collaboration, uses data insights to improve the customer experience, and continually updates business operations, the more competitive your business will become.

The Process
A two month transformation programme
1. Enterprise to from a team (up to 3pax)

The members should be formed by the enterprise leaders from the C-suite, management, and directorial roles.

2. Attend Batch Workshop

Team to attend a 1 Day Workshop that will cover the Service Blueprint, Future-casting and basics of Job Redesign for the industry.

Note! Schedule of workshop is fixed per batch, kindly refer to schedule before registration. 

3. Customised Guidance

Team to book a 1 day customised facilitated diagnosis by Resource Expert. The team will map their current business Service Blueprint and touch on future-casting of customers’ and employees’ expectations.

4. Overseas Study Mission

One (1) representative of the Enterprise Group will attend an Overseas Study Mission Trip to learn from real case studies,  explore possible solutions and share observations with team.

5. Develop Implementation Plan

With guidance and facilitation from resource expert, project team will discuss and identify business opportunities and job roles that can be re-designed. Team will also re-map their Service Blueprint based on future-casting.

Outcome measurement: Enterprise will also redesign 5 employee’s job role in the company.

6. Onboard Other Initiatives

Upon completion of programme, Enterprise will enrol into the Community of Practice and join the group of enterprises that has adopted service design led transformation and Job Redesign.

With the deliverables of SITPv2.0, enterprises can explore and onboard other potential WSG initiatives.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Registered or incorporated and operating in Singapore.
  • At least twelve (12) local employees at the point of application and through the duration of the Programme.
  • Enterprises from the Food Services, Hotels, Retail, Tour & Travel, MICE and Attractions. Interested companies can check their eligibility through the eligible SSIC list through this link.
  • All applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Funded Programme Fees

Enterprises enjoy up to 90% funding at registration. Service and Jobs Transformation Leadership (SJTL) Programme is currently a supportable programme under the SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC). 

*Price inclusive of Overseas Study Mission coverage for one (1) representative. 

Full Programme Fee


After 90% funding
Full Programme Fee


After 90% funding
Batch 02 Application Now Open
1 Day Workshop, 3 Days Customised Guidance + OSM to Taipei