SJTLP – Batch 03 Jadean Yan February 7, 2024
BATCH 03 - Application Now Open SEOUL
Batch Schedule
Dates and periods are fixed

Enterprises must ensure they are available to commit to the following schedules. 

1 Day
3 April 2024

Get acquainted with Service Design Principles & Tools, Job Redesign, and Industry Trends.

4 Days
Overseas Study Mission (Seoul)
7-12 April 2024

Learn from the best in class, forge new connections, and explore opportunities.

3 Sessions of
Customised Guidance
15 April - 24 May 2024

Form your team to brainstorm, unearth new potentials, and create a plan.

Batch Theme and Industry Focus
The overseas study mission trip will focus on the following areas: 
Food Product Retailing

Service Design Concepts

Food Manufacturing

Home Replacement Meal, RTC, RTE, Production and Logistics

Innovation & People

Operation Solutions and Workforce Potentials

Part 03 - Overseas Study Mission

4 Days of Global Exposure to Seoul, South Korea


Day 0
7 April 2024
Arrival Seoul

Delegated Flight:
Korean Air

SIN 01:10
ICN 08:45

Flight Duration:
6h 35m

Day 1 - Day 4
8 - 11 April 2024

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Nongshim Co., Ltd. is a South Korean food and beverage company best known for its production of instant noodles, snacks, and beverages. The company’s flagship product is Shin Ramyun, a spicy instant noodle soup that has gained popularity both domestically and internationally. Nongshim offers a wide range of instant noodle varieties, catering to different tastes and preferences.In addition to instant noodles, Nongshim produces a variety of snacks, including potato chips, crackers, and seaweed snacks. These products are often flavored with unique Korean-inspired seasonings, appealing to consumers both in South Korea and abroad.

Pulmuone is a South Korean food company known for its focus on healthy and natural foods. The company was founded in 1981 and has since grown to become one of the leading food manufacturers in South Korea. Pulmuone’s products range from tofu and soy milk to fresh salads, juices, and other organic foods.

In recent years, Pulmuone has expanded its presence internationally, with operations in countries like the United States and China. The company’s commitment to healthy, natural foods and sustainable practices could serve as inspiration for food manufacturers in Singapore looking to innovate and cater to changing consumer preferences.


SPC Group, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, is a prominent conglomerate with diversified interests spanning across various industries, but it’s primarily renowned for its significant presence in the food and retail sectors. Established in 1945 as Samlip General Food Co., Ltd., SPC Group has evolved over the decades to become one of South Korea’s leading business groups. Square Gangnam, SPC Group’s Flagship Store, a highly-recommended destination for those who are hesitating to choose a place to eat amid the busy bustle of Gangnam. We will be vising the SPC Square in Gangnam which houses key dining brands including Shake Shack, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin’ and La Grillia, in addition to various cultural experiences. As a standalone building with a total floor area of 2,000㎡, Square Gangnam was arranged as a food-tainment (food + entertainment) space under the concept of “Tasty Playground” where visitors can enjoy delicious food while appreciating the artwork of world-renowned artists.


Seoul F&B Co., Ltd. specialises in the production of healthy dairy products and refrigerated beverages. With a diverse portfolio comprising over 200 OEM, PB (Private Label), and NB (National Brand) items, the company has steadily expanded its operations over the years, driven by its enterprising and tenacious spirit, and consistently achieving growth annually. Committed to innovation and quality, Seoul F&B continuously invests in state-of-the-art facilities, including aseptic equipment. The company holds certifications such as HACCP, ISO22000, and Halal, demonstrating compliance with international standards.

Nestled within the innovative Hyundai Mall is Korea’s premier eco-friendly future concept department store. What truly sets it apart is the dedication to provide a
fun shopping environment coupled with expert product knowledge and services. Join this delegation as we explore their product range for market research.

Hear from the co-founder of
PadoBox, a fishery products trading
platform designed to facilitate direct
connections between fishermen and
households. Through the company’s
platform, orders are transmitted
directly from households to
fishermen nationwide online,
addressing benefits and challenges
of customers and fishermen.


Note: The companies listed above are subject to change.


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Cover an opening trip itinerary and logistics information of our 4 days trip. Learn about key insights and trends in the food manufacturing market in South Korea. Explore details regarding South Korea workforce profiles and planning. 

Join your team in documenting the key learnings from each company visit and identifying actionable insights applicable to your business.

Day 5
12 April 2024
Depart Seoul

Delegated Flight:
Korean Air

ICN 18:40
SIN 23:40

Flight Duration:
6h 35m

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